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Miniature American Shepherds 
I will continue to use this blank Breeder of Merit banner until a new composite picture is made.  The picture chosen by AKC to represent the entire breed is an exact replica of one dog owned by Partners both seated on the Board of Directors of the Parent Club, MASCUSA.  This is a dog promoted by a professional handler and not what a large percentage of breeders deem as correct.  With no proof positive it certainly gives the appearance of corruptness, either of the board or the board partners involved.  With insinuations of legal action, we have been told not to duplicate the photo used because of copyright infringement.   Hello???

"Purposefully bred purebred dogs brought to you by AKC preservation breeders. We're so proud of what we do for the next generation of the happy, healthy canine family.  We believe any dog deserves a responsible owner and home. I also am a preservation breeder who does all I can to see to it that our family of dogs are the best prepared to meet the challenge."

Formerly known as Miniature Australian Shepherds.
I hope to make your visit as pleasurable as it is informative.
SHANDELL is my kennel name derived from the first 4 letters of my last name,
Shan and Dell which means location or place, Shannon's Place.  We are located in Sunny
South Carolina and hope to extend to you the Southern Hospitality you might expect. 
Watch to see why  everyone needs a dog


   Member of  MASCUSA
Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA.



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